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Is any of the hair problem below bothering you?

Dry, Brittle — Unmanageable Hair

One of the most common hair problem that annoys many people. The primary causes of having dry and brittle hair are hormone changes, daily heat styling, using the wrong shampoo that causes you hair to lose its natural oil and moisture that keeps your hair shiny.

Frizzy Hair

Frizzy hair is the enemy of people who wants bouncy and shiny hair. This problem is more common during summer when humidity level is higher. Some of the reasons that may cause frizzy hair are dehydration, protein balance to moisture the hair is off, choice of shampoo, and more. As a result, your hair looks dry and frizzy.

Lack of Volume

Hair problem that occurs both in men and women. People usually take this problem for granted but it is a big factor that will definitely affect how you look. It is usually caused by low iron level and malnutrition. Luckily, this problem can easily be handled.

Greasy Hair

Caused by excessive oil that produces an annoying oily hair that is difficult to get rid. This can lead to more serious hair problems such as hair loss and dandruff if the sebum glands clog the roots of the hair. Excessive sebum production causes can be due to unhealthy eating habits or medications.

Hair treatment is the answer to those problems!

Not only do smoothing treatments reduces all the frizz, they can also reduce curl, add shine and condition the hair. A hair treatment also helps in repairing damaged and brittle hair.

Be it dry, damaged hair or oily hair scalp, we provide various kinds of treatment to serve our customers.

Hair Treatment Services Available at Full House Salon:

  • Hair Treatment
  • Scalp Treatment
  • Age Defining System
  • Mocouta Japanese Treatment

Wish to have hair smoothing treatment? Smoothing hair keratin treatment is the ideal choice.

First of all, what is keratin? Keratin is a fibrous structural protein that is naturally present in our hairs, skin and nails. However, this kind of protein will loss due to aging and chemicals. Hence, keratin treatment is done by putting the protein back into the hair, filling in the porosity of your hair.

TOKIO INKARAMI hair treatment is available at Full House Salon

Containing the Nobel Prize awarded antioxidant ingredient, Fullerene, this kind of treatment helps protecting hair from UVB rays, repairing and restoring hair strength and shine, and thus, making your hair more resistant to damage.

Benefits of Tokio Inkarami treatment from Japan:-

  1. Improve hair quality – Be it curl or straight hair
  2. Restore hair strength
  3. Fullerene removes active oxygen produced by UVB rays
  4. Replenish keratin in your hair

Importance of hair scalp treatment

While hair treatment is important to ensure your hair looks great all the time, hair scalp should not be neglected as well. Hair scalp treatment is important to avoid hair loss and avoid dandruff. An unhealthy scalp is most unlikely to grow healthy hairs too!

What are you still waiting for? Pamper your yourself at Full House Salon today!

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