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Hair Rebonding Treatment in Tampines

Living in a humid climate, frizzy hair is a common problem we face on a daily basis. Managing dry and tangled hair can be a nightmare especially when you are rushing for time and using all kinds of hair products to tame that wild mane of yours.

Hair rebonding treatment can help transform frizzy hair into straight and smooth locks. Using high-end hair straightening and rebonding products, Full House Salon’s hair rebonding service is instantaneous, leaving you with sleek, straight, and shiny hair as you walk out of our salon.

Our Hair Rebonding Services

Tokio De Sinka

This newest rebonding chemical treatment that has taken over Tokyo, London, and Paris by storm. Tokio de sinka restores your hair strength to up to 140%, keeping it silky and glossy for weeks. Free of formaldehyde and using a Nobel prize-winning ingredient – fullerene, this hair rebonding treatment repairs all types of hair, including over-bleached and damaged hair.

Mucota Opera (Mucota Rebonding)

This hair rebonding treatment is good at controlling frizziness and gives a soft rebonding effect. It is perfect for those wanting to achieve manageable hair without sacrificing their natural hair texture.

Mucota Dyna (Argan Oil Rebonding )

An alternative to standard hair rebonding treatments, Mucoto Dyna uses argan oil and other essential oils to repair and straighten your hair. This treatment is suitable for damaged hair as it nourishes and brings out the natural shine within.

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