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Perms are used for adding fluffy curls, body and volume to your hair, instantly transforming your looks. From soft curls to tight spiral curls that communicates sophistication, perms can add a lot of style and attention to your looks.

Variations of Hair Perms (For both long & short hair):

  • Tight Perm
  • Loose Wave
  • Stronger Wave
  • Digital & Setting Perm
  • Creative Perm
  • Korean Perm

Digital perm (Hot perm)

Due to lower temperature, digital perming gives you looser and softer curls particularly at the hair ends. Customers who wish to have a more natural curl hair look can opt for this option. It is recommended for customers with a thicker hair strand to go for digital hair perm too.

Korean setting perm

Linked with K-pop culture, Korean setting perm gives more defined curls and a heavier look. It is ideal for formal events. There are different types of curls in Korean perm – C curl and S wave.

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