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Fighting Hair Damage with Tokio Inkarami

Do you know that hair greatly contribute to your appearance?

While having smooth and silky hair makes people feel you’re well prepared and confident, having an unmanageable hair may give others the impression that you’re sloppy. Thus, it is always a good move to invest in hair.

However, this doesn’t mean that you must rebond, color or perm your hair to look good.

Simply having a smooth and natural hair can bring out the best in yourself.

But first, let us read some causes of hair damage.

There are basically two main reasons that contribute to hair damage – Environmental and physical damage.

We could not control the environmental factors that lead to hair damage most of the time, such as strong sun, cold wind or other temperature variations. Swimmers are more likely to have damaged hair as the chlorine present in swimming pools do not do any good to our hair.

The way we manage our hair in our daily routine such as heavily tying our hair, over-brushing, brushing wet hair, using the wrong type of shampoo or comb can lead to unhealthy hair. Chemical exposure such as coloring, highlighting, bleaching, perming, styling and rebonding cause changes to physical structure of our hair too. Our hair gets tangled, broken, dried and hard to manage.

How can Tokio Inkarami help you achieve healthy and beautiful hair

Tokio Inkarami is a patented treatment from Japan. This hair treatment can be customised depending on your hair needs – Be it damaged, dry or brittle hair, Tokio Inkarami treatment supplies and replenishes lost keratin to give more strength to your hair. It also supplies CMC as it is important to ensure you a smooth and shiny hair. Moreover, Tokio Inkarami treatment repairs our cuticle – the first line of defense of our hair. Replenishing and repairing all the three elements – Keratin, CMC and cuticle is essential for a healthy and moisture hair!

Do you know there is a Nobel prize winning ingredient in Tokio Inkarami treatment?

Fullerene is the world strongest antioxidant to fight aging and humidity. Products containing fullerene protect your hair from harmful sun damage.

How does Tokio Inkarami treatment work

There are a few steps in Tokio Inkarami hair treatment. First, a urea containing product would be applied. Urea acts as a penetration enhancer that helps to soften cuticle. Once the cuticle is softened, it is easier for it to absorb the ingredients that will be used at later stages.

Products used in the treatment are rich in Gemini type amino acid, keratin amino acid, hybrid-polymer, 18MEA and ceramide.

  • Gemini type amino acid helps to improve strength and increase hair moisture.
  • Keratin amino acid repairs hair by moisturizing and restoring hair moisture.
  • Hybrid-polymer helps in the ability of your hair to retain moisture and loss of ingredients from the hair core.
  • Ceramide retains hair moisture, so it forms a protective layer on your hair surface.

Feel the difference in your hair quality in one session!

Visit us for a Tokio Inkarami hair treatment today!

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