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The Most Common Types of Hair Rebonding Services You Should Know

It sure would be much easier to wake up with your hair looking fabulous each time.

However, in reality, our natural hair will mostly be unmanageable.

Without rebonding services, getting ready for the day may be quite a challenge if not frustrating for women.

Know more about some of the best variations of rebonding and see which ones can work well for you today:

About Rebonding

Whether this isn’t your first time to get a treatment, or you feel nervous about finally getting a hair rebond, it would be practical to know the nature of this solution. This way, you may already gauge how it can bring benefits to your hair.

Simply put, hair rebonding is a type of treatment which includes chemicals which can permanently straighten your hair.

These days, there are various kinds of products which can be chosen from. While hair rebonding can be costly, it provides customers with utmost convenience and style, so getting ready wouldn’t be a long process each time. It can be an extensive process which takes hours, therefore professionals are mostly fit for the job of having this treatment applied.

Type #1 – Straight Rebonding

This is the traditional type of treatment which is mostly applicable to women (and men) who have very curly strands of hair. Those who have soft waves wouldn’t be the best fit for this treatment since the finished product can look quite flat and dull.

Type #2 – Soft Rebonding

Known as the much milder or gentler version of straight rebonding, straight rebonding will use less strong chemicals. This is advisable for customers who have wavy hair.

As another difference compared to straight rebonding, softer treatments will also have lesser use of the flat iron. The natural curls may have opted to be retained, as long as they are permanently held in place and upon an agreement between the customer and stylist.

Type #3 – Volume Rebonding

Then again, there are also customers who prefer to place more details into their hair. Aside from achieving volume, this type of rebonding can also make sure strategic parts of the hair may be permed or slightly curled. For instance, the volume will be placed in the hair’s main body, while some degree of perming may be applied at the roots for a more style. Customers who have varying textures of hair may also find this treatment effective.

There are so many variations of hair rebonding which can be chosen from.

The key is to know which type will work best for your kind of hair and make sure you’ll be serviced by salon with experienced hair technicians!

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