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What Kind Of Ash-Grey Hair Should I Get to Match My Skin Tone?

The ash-grey hair trend is here to stay in 2021. The frosty colored hue looks cool in the warm sunny weather, giving many an exceptional and refreshing look. Unlike the name suggests, ash-grey hairstyles can vary and they must be carefully selected to suit individual skin tones. In today’s guide, we’ll show you some of the trendiest ash-grey hairstyles and how to pick the perfect hair coloring service for you.

What is ash-grey hair?

Ash-grey lies towards the darker end of the grey spectrum. To achieve this color, the hair needs to be bleached to the lightest shade of blonde. At a hair coloring salon, professional hairdressers would usually apply a bond strengthening treatment in order to protect the hair strands during bleaching. 

After bleaching, a purple toner will be applied to cancel out the yellow undertones in the hair. Following that, another coloured hair dye will be added to achieve the desired ash-grey result.

Ash-grey hair ideas

Silver ash-grey

Suitable for lighter skin tones, this colour enhances classic ash-grey hair with a silver finish. We recommend wearing this look with soft curls to highlight depth and dimension. The result is a stylish and sleek look that brings out your inner hair shine. 

Smokey ash-grey

This variation of ash-grey hair is achieved by creating ash-grey highlights on a brown base. A subtle yet novel look, this hair color is perfect for warmer skin tones and for those looking to spice up their usual brown hair look with a twist.

Lavender ash-grey

Depending on your complexion, ash-grey may make it look duller. To solve this problem, we recommend adding a tinge of colour. Grey and lavender stream together perfectly and have a beautiful colour melt. The result is a pastel purple look that shows off femininity in a dulcet manner.

Ash-grey blonde

Ash-blonde is one of the coolest shades of blonde out there, so why not take it up a notch by adding a cool grey tone to it? This look can contrast nicely with darker skin complexions, bringing out your facial features and smile. For a dreamy finish, we recommend styling with loose waves.

Ash-grey balayage

Ash-grey balayage creates a soft and natural gradation of lightness along the hair, helping to enhance your deep base colour. Suitable for most skin tones, this wonderful hair color creates a sense of dimension and movement, bringing out the liveliness in you.

Professional hair coloring services in Tampines, Singapore

Like any colour palate, ash-grey can come in many variations depending on how the dye is mixed. To accurately determine what kind of ash-grey hair will suit you, visit a professional hair coloring salon for a consultation. At Full House Salon, our trained and experienced hairdressers will analyze your skin tone and complexion to recommend a suitable ash colour for your hair.
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