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5 Hair Color Trends in 2018 You Must Try

Going for a new look can bring a whole lot of excitement in how you carry yourself.

Want to bring in more creativity and inspiration in your daily style?

Then it’ll be a good idea to consider changing your hair color.

Change your mood and express yourself with gorgeous yet trendy hair color!

Here are some of the stylish hair colors which you can try out for 2018:

The Peanut Butter and Jelly (PB&J) Combo to Bring Out the Swag You

Who knew the well-loved PB&J has transcended snacks and grew its way to the fashion scene?

The classic, purple and golden tones continue to look great, and they’re starting to bring in some nostalgic inspiration for stylish salon goers. Caramel and berry highlights are great for any hair type. See if lighter shades would work best for you.

Fantasy Shades for Those who wish to Try Bold Hair Color

If you are into Japanese Anime or even a cosplayer, you’ll be glad to find how fantasy shades brings you endless options. You can choose purple, rainbow, opal, or even mermaid hair!

Be sure to consult with your stylist, so you’ll know which colors can best match your hair style and typical outfit ensemble.

If you’d like to keep your fantasy shade a little on the conservative side, you can pick colors which go on the monochromatic tones like having rose gold or silver hair.

Perimeter Highlights for a Layered Hair Look

Want to look edgy while making sure your hair beautifully frames your face?

Then you can go for perimeter highlights.

You can consider light brown or even blonde highlights on the perimeter of your hair. The key is to make sure your face’s angles will be flattered by the highlights which will be applied to your hair.

Subtle Ombre for Natural Effects

Want to go for a more natural look?

Then subtle Ombre would be the way to go.

This hair style and color will provide more dimension to your hair. It would be great for any layered hairstyle and this hue can give your hair a little extra, in the subtlest ways possible. Seamless transitions of your color choices, along with some perm will flatter you.

Raven for the Fair Skinned You

Tired of changing colorful hair colors?

Add a glossy look to your hair with jet black color. It can further highlight your eyes.

This would also be great if you’re the type who likes to put deep shades of eye makeup especially when you’re heading out to parties. It adds mystery to your overall look.

Try any of these color ideas, so you’ll have an even more awesome overall look this 2018.

For best results, consult our hair stylists at a Full House Salon today!

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